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5 National Parks to visit with your bulldog

The Best U.S. National Park Destinations for Vacationing with Your Bully By: Mary Timmons If you like spending your vacation in the great outdoors, then national parks are great places to visit. Of course no vacation would be complete without your best friend, so why not plan a road trip with your bulldog? Vacationing with […]

Vitamins Your Dog Needs for A Healthy Life

Dogs need to be fed a diet. Dog foods have been regulated to Make Sure they are well balanced and provide your dog the proper Quantity of nutrition, vitamins and supplements required.     There are several choices of well-balanced diets readily available commercially ranging from choices in age, nourishment and cognitive alterations. …

I think someone has a headache

You had on your best collar, fresh cut from the groomer, nice oatmeal scented oil bath, and you’re ready to play. You bought the best milk bone and filet, along with the finest bottle of h20. Now you’re back home and thing are heating up. Until she pulls this!!! Don’t worry fella, you have other […]

Can Dogs Get Pink Eye?

What’s Pink Eye? Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis in the veterinary community, is quite common in puppies. Like eye in individuals, red eyes are typically caused by conjunctivitis in dogs. This gives the disease its nickname, “pink eye.” The name, conjunctivitisliterally means inflammation of the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is the tissue that lines rsquo […]

9 Breeds With Really Cool Nicknames

Although we provide our dog a name, many times we also provide them a nickname, ” as well. “Sammy” gets shortened to “Sam,” for instance. Similarly, Labrador Retrievers are often called Labs, just as Golden Retrievers are known as “Goldens.” But were you aware that some breeds have nicknames? These nicknames were created particularly for […]