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Snapchat Has Announced Face Filters for Cats

Image via   Many pet parents have tried in vain to extend Snapchat filters to pets, but the Snapchat app has not been reliably able to detect pet faces.   However, Snapchat has just announced the introduction of cat lenses. With this announcement, the app has been updated to be able to accurately detect […]

Cat Language 101: How Do Cats Talk to Each Other?

Image via   By Dr. Wailani Sung, DVM   Do cats talk to each other? Felines communicate with their peers through vocalizations, physical contact, visual cues and chemical cues. When communicating, cats exhibit subtle signaling compared to dogs due to their smaller features and quicker movements. If you blink your eye, you may have […]

Unilever’s Dove Brand Earns PETA Cruelty-Free Accreditation

  Image via   On September 10, 2018, Unilever issued a press release announcing that they are supporting efforts to institute a global ban on animal testing. According to the statement, “Unilever today announced its support for a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics as part of an ambitious new collaboration with animal […]

Cats May Not Be the Ultimate Hunters We Thought

Image via   Ecologist Michael H. Parsons from Fordham University had planned to study rat pheromones and how they affect rat behavior. But after Michael and his team secured the location for their research, they realized there was going to be one big problem.   The rat-infested recycling plant in Brooklyn, New York, also […]