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WWF Report Shows Animal Populations Dropped 60 Percent From 1970 to 2014

Image via   The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) just released their Living Planet Report for 2018, and it documents the sobering decrease of wild animal populations across the globe.   According to Forbes, the report shows that “populations of vertebrates—animals with backbones, including fish and mammals—fell 60 percent on average between 1970 […]

Therapy Dogs Comfort Community Following Mass Shooting in Pittsburgh

  Image via juliareinstein/Twitter     Therapy dogs were sent to comfort the people of Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh following a shooting at the area’s largest and best-known synagogues, according to The Hill.   The Go Team, an active group that oversees therapy dog teams, sent 13 certified therapy dogs from Pittsburgh and Youngstown, Ohio […]

“Runway Cat” Turns Istanbul Fashion Show Runway Into a Literal Catwalk

Image via of hknylcn/Instagram   Fashion runways are a place to show off creative inventiveness, and they carry an air of seriousness to them. Models strut down the runway in the season’s newest trends, and the crowd, dressed in their best, snaps photos to share on social media.   But in Istanbul, Turkey, there was one unexpected […]

Oregon Zoo Shares Zoo Animal X-Rays

Image via   In order to keep zoo animals healthy, the Oregon Zoo makes sure to perform regular health checks.   Since animals cannot tell the zookeepers and veterinarians what ails them, they will often use X-rays to make sure everything is copasetic and also to catch health issues before they become critical.   […]