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Tips For Quieting a Barking Dog

Let’s look at a few possible reasons your dog is barking. Your dog could be barking to ask you or another dog to play; or to get your attention; or to relieve boredom or stress; to express excitement; to request something he wants; or to warn off a perceived threat. You should be able to […]

Put an End to Rock Eating

First off, a visit to the vet is always a good idea. If he gets a clean bill of health then we need to focus on changing his behavior and his motivation for rock eating.  Since a puppy uses his mouth as an instrument to explore his world. If he’s confined to a barren yard […]

Socializing Your New Puppy is a Must!

Bite the bullet, if you have a pup and interact it now. The time and effort which you put in now will reward you for one thousand fold. Socialization is your optimal/optimally likelihood a existence that is joyful to call home and does not become vaccinated. Socialization is the procedure by which your pet pet […]