Bulldog Care

Taking excellent care of your precious fur-baby is top priority for many fur-moms and dads. You will need to provide many things for your fur-baby, things such a healthy diet, safe environment, protection from extreme temperatures, veterinarian care and much more.

Veterinarian Care

As a pet parent, you will want to provide the best medical care available in your town or city. Choose the veterinarian carefully by looking at their credentials, how long they have been in business, reviews from other fur-parents, personality of the staff and veterinarian, plus a clean environment. You will want to build a positive strong relationship with the veterinarian and the staff. They are going to be a big part of your fur-baby’s life so make sure you are comfortable with your choice. You will want to find a veterinarian that is very close to your house. In the future you may need to rush your fur-baby to the veterinarian office and you don’t want to delay treatment by being caught in traffic for an hour or more.

Healthy Diet

The food your fur-baby consumes directly affects his health. Providing a healthy diet that includes meals, snacks and fresh water is essential to maintaining your fur-baby’s health. There is a large variety of food options on the market to choose from. Organic food with natural ingredients is a wise choice. You will also want to consult with the veterinarian that the food you are providing for your fur-baby meets the nutritional needs for his age range. Healthy snacks such as carrots are known to become favorite treats. Always provide your fur-baby with access to clean, fresh water on a daily basis.


Bullies are sensitive to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Avoid exposing your fu-baby to temperatures that are above 90 degrees and below 60 degrees. Limit outdoor time in extreme climates to about 10 minutes. During the summer you will want to provide your fur-baby with plenty of shade and water, and enjoy water based fun games to play in the yard. Outdoor games that cool your pup off include running, jumping and playing in the sprinklers or a kiddie pool. During the winter you should use a sweater and booties to protect your fur-baby from the cold. The booties will protect his sensitive paws from salt and snow, preventing pain and infection.


As soon as your fur-baby joins your family, you will want to establish a grooming schedule. Bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, tail cleaning, teeth brushing, hair brushing should all be included in the schedule. Pet parents don’t have to do everything in one day. Space grooming needs out and allow it to become part of you and your fur-baby’s lifestyle.

Pet parents are sure to take extraordinary care of their fur-babies when following this guideline. Remember to always do what is best for your fur-baby such as, choosing an excellent and well qualified veterinarian and providing a healthy diet, environment and grooming schedule that will provide your pup with a happy, healthy lifestyle.