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Displaced Hurricane Irma Pets Find Safe Havens Up North

On Sept. 27, two puppies and a cat chose the lengthy travel from Lebanon, Tennessee, all of the best way to Philadelphia.   These creatures were all displaced by Hurricane Irma, and with all the help of the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) as well as  the Pennsylvania SPCA, these certainly were transported to safe havens up north.   Driven by ARF […]

Everything You Need to Know About Your New Favorite Podcast, Life With Pets

Whether you listen seriously or chuckle along  as you’re folding laundry, podcasts of kinds have come to be a mainstay of daily life. Fortunately  for furry parents along with avid podcast listeners, a new series   has arrived across that won’t merely allow it on the peak of one’s listing, but   may also better the lives of you and your dog(s).   […]

The Journey of Jenna: From Stray to Life-Saving Service Dog

September marks National Service Dog Month, and with it comes countless stories of heroism and love between these incredible canines and the people who rely on them. One of those very dogs is Jenna, a 6-year-old medical alert and mobility service dog who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, with her person, Sarah Sheperd. Sheperd, who has been deaf in […]

Is It Safe to #SquatYourDog?

  I suppose anytime people are having a good time doing something silly, someone has to come along and be the party pooper, right? Think of the “scaring cats with cucumbers” craze of 2016, where the veterinarian came along and said that traumatizing our cats may be funny for a second, but may be psychologically […]