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Can Dogs Have Dog Best Friends?

By Dr. Wailani Sung   When we brought our puppy home several years ago, I worried that my adult dog would not like the puppy, and that my puppy would not bond with my older dog. Thankfully both dogs got along beautifully. Poe followed his big brother, Revan, around and mimicked the older dog’s behavior.  […]

It’s No Surprise That Pet Owners Spend This Much Each Month on Pets

In recent years, the pet industry has turned into a thriving business. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis’ statistics on “Personal consumption expenditures: Pets, pet products and related services,” American spending for pets and pet products or services exceeded $99 billion in 2016, and this number is still growing.   Many credit […]

What to Do If a Dog Scratches You

By Dr. Sarah Wooten Lots of men and women understand about cat scratch fever, but do a dog scratch be equally as harmful? Although you’re less likely to contract severe illness out of a dog scratch, there is still a chance of it occurring. Here & rsquo; s what you need to understand, if you’re […]

Purebred Dogs Offer Insight in Cancer Research

In recent years, multiple studies have found that purebred dogs have more to offer cancer research than just their sniffing noses.   In the recent Popular Science article, “Purebred dogs are helping us cure cancer,” Sara Chodosh explores the ways in which purebred dogs are helping cancer research for both canines and humans. Chodosh explains, […]