Couple’s Dog Broke Their Decades-Long Meth Addictions

Image via NBC Right Now
Elizabeth Osborn and Devin Dickson ended their decades-long addiction to crystal meth after adopting a Border Collie/Red Heeler mix, who was “horrified by the smell of methamphetamine coming out of someone’s skin or being smoked,” Osborn tells Fox News.
“My husband and I had a ten-year addiction with crystal meth,” Osborn tells FOX28. Osborn and Dickson explain that their addiction led them to imprisonment and homelessness.
According to the outlet, their dog, Alex, was the only thing in the world that got the couple to quit meth.
When the couple first met Alex, they fell in love with “how chill he was,” FOX28 reports. After time, however, they noticed that the dog would become aggressive when he was around meth or if someone was high or carrying it.
In the few times the couple did smoke meth around Alex, he would shake and hide, and once tried to bite Dickson in the face, says Osborn.
“It was either Alex found a new home or we stopped using meth, and there’s absolutely no way I could’ve gotten rid of Alex,” Osborn tells FOX28.
The couple is now more than two years sober as of this writing. They say that choosing Alex was the best choice they’ve ever made.
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