Facts about Bulldogs

Bulldogs were originally bred for bull baiting, but today, they are considered one of the most popular companion breeds in the United States. Discover the bullies secrets and mysteries with these interesting facts about bulldogs. It may unlock an answer to one of your questions about your own fur-baby.

  • According to the American Kennel Club the English Bulldog is the 5th popular breed, while the French Bulldog is ranked 18th. English Bulldogs top the list for most popular breed in Los Angeles and New York.
  • Bulldogs are popular mascots for sports teams, universities and companies throughout the United States and United Kingdom.
  • English Bulldogs are good skateboarders.
  • United States President Warren G. Harding had an English Bulldog at the beginning of his presidential term.
  • Two English Bulldogs have been won the honor of best in show at Westminster.
  • Bulldogs are good watch dogs and are highly protective of their human family.
  • English bulldogs are commonly delivered via c-section due to their large heads.
  • English Bulldogs are prone to heat exhaustion.
  • Bulldogs often have eye problems such as Cherry Eye and Entropian.
  • Breathing issues are common in bulldogs. Bullies may experience airway obstruction, Stenotic Nares and Elongated soft palate.
  • Bulldogs can suffer from skeletal disorders such as Luxating Patella, a looseness of the knee joint. They also are capable of experiencing Hip Dysplasia, a structural deformity of the hip joint.
  • Bullies have sensitive skin that may require their fur-mom and dad to provide pH-balanced shampoo to sooth their skin irritation.
  • Bulldogs can’t swim and tend to sink due to their heavy body, large head and short legs. Doggie life vests are recommended when bringing your bulldog swimming or around water.
  • The name “Bull” in Bulldog was given to the breed because of their bull baiting ability and their participation in the sport.
  • Bulldogs were originally bred for their high tolerance to pain and their ferocity. Today the breed has developed into a calm, sweet friendly family dog.
  • Bulldogs only have about 10 facial expressions while other dog breeds have up to 100 different expressions.
  • David Leavitt developed the Olde English Bulldogge by crossbreeding English Bulldogs with Pitbulls, American Bulldogs and Bull Mastiffs.
  • Bulldogs are playful and fun, even though they have reputation to be lazy.
  • Most Bulldogs enjoy being dressed up in costumes and clothing by their fur-mom and dad.
  • Bulldogs are good with children of all ages. However their heaviness can knock a small child down if they are not careful.
  • Bulldogs can become extremely attached to their human family and their home. At times, it can cause Bullies to want constant human companionship, even to go outside in the yard.

These facts about Bulldogs will open your eyes to the breed, their needs, history, health issues and popularity. Despite the Bulldogs original purpose for breeding, they are now better known for their kind disposition, sweet personalities and strong loyalty to their human family.