Fail to Care for Pets, Pay a Fine: Chinese City Enforces Dog Owner ‘Credit System’

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The Chinese city of Jinan launched a scoring system for pet owners that deducts points for various infractions, such as walking the dog without a leash or not picking up their poop.
According to The Telegraph, losing all of your points can mean confiscation of the pet. However, owners may take an exam about responsible pet ownership to get their pet back.
The outlet reports that since the program was introduced last year, about 1,430 dog owners have been fined, and 122 lost all of their points. Most were able to get their pets back after passing the exam.
Dog owners are only allowed to have one dog and must register them with the police. All dog owners start with a dozen points that are embedded as a QR code on the dog’s collar.
Other infractions include dogs playing in public water fountains, being on public transportation and entering restaurants. Repeat offenders can expect to have more points deducted from their score.
Good behavior, like volunteering in dog kennels, can earn dog owners additional points.
This social credit system for dog owners isn’t a far cry from the government’s nationwide Chinese social credit system that began in 2014 and is expected to be fully operational by 2020.
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