This Bulldog Loves to Jump Around


At first you might think the owner is being mean, but then just watch what happens!

Keeping your bulldog healthy is easy when you follow three simple strategies.

#1: Daily exercise

Make sure your bully gets at least 30 minutes of play time in the yard. This will help them maintain good cardio health and a stable weight. For the fur parents, playing with your bulldog for those 30 minutes can also do wonders for your own personal health and bond with your dog. As bulldog gets older, they can experience joint and bone problems, so keeping them active can help slow down that aging process and provide them added muscle support so their joints don’t do all the work.

#2: Healthy diet

It is best to select a quality good made from wholesome ingredients. Personally, we feed our bulldog Canidae because it’s a premium kibble with limited ingredients. The first ingredient in any quality dog food should be a protein, i.e., salmon, beef, chicken, etc. Please don’t mistake “meal” as a quality protein, because “meal” typically means a lot of scrap meat, brain, eyes, intestines, etc. Although many of us like to spoil our bullies, make sure you are keeping track of their calorie intake, and please limit human foods. It is good to limit human foods because dog tummies don’t have the same level of acid to help break down foods like people do. You have probably seen this if you have ever fed your dog too much from the table only to watch them throw it up in the yard afterwards.

#3 Annual vet checkups

Just like we go in for our annual physicals, make sure your furbaby does the same. Finding a vet with knowledge about your breed is ideal. They can also be a good resource for training ideas, nutrition needs, behavior, and your dog’s overall well being. Making sure your baby is up to date on shots and checking some blood once a year could help you avoid serious health risks later on. Many people are now opting for pet health insurance from a number of trusted providers for those times when health costs become high.